Joomla Changes, and First 5 Accepted Templates Win!

Hi everyone. In an effort to improve the quality of our Joomla category, we’ll be making a few changes. First, we’re offering $60 cash to the first five accepted Joomla templates, beginning February 1! Second, we’ll be making some slight price changes.

New Pricing

To make the Joomla themes more appealing to buyers, we’ve decided to adjust the pricing to $15 – $30, depending on a few variables (layout, coding, help file, etc.). It’s our hope that ThemeForest will become the premier resource for fantastic Joomla templates!

Is There a Catch?

Not at all. We simply aren’t receiving many Joomla submissions, and are trying to spur sales! The only catch is that your template must be accepted in order to win. But, as long as you have a nice design, that shouldn’t be a problem!

How do I Enter?

As always, simply upload a template to the “Joomla” category. If yours is one of the first five, you’ll be notified ASAP!

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. So what are you waiting for?! Get coding.


  • Saro says:

    Too bad i don’t know Joomla well (yet).

  • levent USTA says:

    I have been building joomla template for three days. I m be glad.
    Thanks all everything for Jeffrey

  • Bhargav says:

    Hope this brings up the amount of joomla templates. You do have some less Joomla ‘breeds’ in your forrest ;)

  • Thomas says:

    I heard somewhere that Joomla is crap kkk

  • Rick says:

    Joomla is not crap. It’s a fine CMS out there that has an excellent framework and expandability. Usually people who think it’s crap are developers that are used to programming procedurally…which Joomla isn’t really geared for.

    The template/theme system in Joomla is very flexible and unique in comparison to other similar systems like Drupal and Wordpress…..but again…if you’re used to a procedural mindset….it might seem awkward.

  • Rick says:

    Btw, the reason why there isn’t a lot of Joomla templates is because the Joomla community doesn’t know about TF. You guys need to advertise on their site!

    Hey, I put up one for ya:

  • Hayden Gascoigne says:

    Seeing as I’m the only one that makes them I will try to find some time to make a few.

  • Rick says:

    I’ve only made 2 or 3 and they’ve done ‘ok’ in comparison to other categories. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of Joomla traffic on the site maybe?

    Just to a gander at the joomla templates on the site and they aren’t that great actually…so that may be the problem too.

  • James Davies says:

    I agree with Rick – I am a Joomla developer, and whilst I purchase HTML templates off the site, the Joomla ones aren’t up to this standard.

    I would quite happily pay the $35 for a Joomla template (trust me, this is DIRT cheap) if the quality was better.

    I’m thinking of submitting a template for this competition, but I live in the UK – can you tell me what the time difference is so I’m in with a chance of being in the first five!!?

  • zigmat says:

    I dont like joomla template engine.

  • Rick says:

    @zigmat What don’t you like about it?

  • Jeremy says:

    One of the big reasons is that Joomla has a pretty big template community. There are some free ones, most of which are free for a reason, but then they have some pretty solid template clubs. They are tempting because you can pay for a subscription and get all of their templates for a year. This is great for developers, but not as economical for someone who just needs one.

    Regardless, solid templates make more than $15, for Joomla you can make more like $50 per sale or better I’m sure if its really solid. That said, I might pull one together for this.

  • mamjed says:

    oh dude, i suggested this a long time ago.

  • Jeremy says:

    Is this contest still on? I have a template that I’m nearly finished with.

  • HansJurgen says:

    I’ve bought two books, downloaded the Joomla install instructions from the joomla website and nothing works. So, I will say that Joomla IS crap.

    After four tries and having several other people try to follow the Joomla install instructions from the actual Joomla web site, nothing works. So, there comes a time to qualify something and I would say it’s crap.

    If the average person, following exact instructions from Joomla, can’t get it to work after four tries, two other individual try and fail, – I would say that qualifies it as a failure or crap.

    Why doesn’t Joomla take their instructions, but them in front of the average person, get them to follow it through and see if it works. I will assure you that it won’t work having gone through the experience myself and watched other folks try to do the same thinking I had done something wrong.

    I’m a very experienced web designer ( 7 years using Dreamweaver ) and I’m a marketing director and wanted to give Joomla a try for my clients. I can honestly say Joomla sucks!