$1000 Miscellaneous/Joomla Competition!

New month – new competition! I’ll be frank – we’re not receiving many submissions to our “Miscellaneous” and “Joomla!” categories. I’ll be changing that. This month, we’re offering a $200 cash bonus to the first five accepted templates into either of these categories.

What’s Required?

Prepare a template for either the Joomla or Miscellaneous category. Once you’ve perfected the design, submit it in the same way as you always would.

The authors of the first five accepted submissions will receive $200 each, via Paypal. Additionally, these items will be featured on the “In the Woods” blog.

Should I Even Bother?

Absolutely, you should! For example, I haven’t received a Joomla submission in weeks. Considering this, your odds are fantastic!

May I Enter More Than Once?

Unfortunately not. One entry per user.

How Will I Know if I’m a Winner?

You’ll be emailed immediately after your submission has been accepted. Once all of the slots are full, an announcement will be made on the blog.

Terms and Conditions

  • Entry is open to any Envato marketplace author who is NOT a paid staff member.
  • Payment to the five winners will be made via Paypal and will be in US dollars.
  • For questions and/or concerns, contact the site manager at sitemanager@themeforest.net.

Other Ways to Earn Through ThemeForest

If you’re looking for additional ways to line your pockets, don’t forget to use your ThemeForest referral url any place you can find – Twitter, MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Yahoo Answers! You’ll earn 30% of the user’s first deposit. For more information, refer here.