ThemeForest’s First Month

A few minutes ago the clock ticked over into October – at least it did in Australia where all our statistics are measured. And so ends our first month of ThemeForest and what a month it’s been! I can’t believe how far the site has come in such a short space of time. But don’t take my word for it, here are some numbers to crunch:

  • 125,000 – Number of visitors to the site
  • 800,000 – Number of pageviews generated
  • 200+ – Number of items for sale
  • (more…)

ThemeForest Milestones – 100 Files, First $1000 File

It’s only been a week since our launch, but it’s never too early to celebrate some milestones around here! So I’m happy to say, we’ve not only passed our 100th file, but we’ve also got our first file’s sales past $1000. And that’s pretty cool!

100 Files and Counting

Our 100th file came in a few minutes ago, courtesy of new user kitgrafik, it’s called SimIndustry and is a clean looking business template. So far we’ve had files being approved at about 5 a day, and we can expect that number to only grow! (more…)

Launch Special – A Neat Admin Skin … for $1

If you’re into bargains, then you’ll be happy to hear that for the next week we’ve got a ThemeForest launch special running where you can grab a neat little app theme designed by myself and coded up by ValenDesigns which would usually sell for $15, for just one dollar.

That’s right … a buck!

The theme is called Quik and is actually a little admin skin we use for internal Envato apps to make them look nice and neat. It’s customizable, comes with three colours and is easily extended to fit other needs.

Grab Quik for $1 Here

This item will only be available at the discount price until September 12th

Early Joomla Themes on ThemeForest

So as you know ThemeForest isn’t just about site templates and WordPress themes. We’re also hoping to get themes for all sorts of CMS products out there. Although much fewer so far than HTML and WordPress templates, two really, really nice Joomla themes have come in:

Business 2.0

ThemeForest Listing Page (works only if you are in the Beta).
Live Demo Link


ThemeForest Listing Page (works only if you are in the Beta).
Live Demo Link

ThemeForest News

It’s been about a week and a half since we let in the first ThemeForest users and so far so good on the beta front. We have about 40 or so files so far, and a dozen or so sales to boot! We’ve just added another 500 beta users courtesy of a giveaway on FreelanceFolder, so things are moving along really well!

Launch Plan

There are currently two things that need to happen before we launch – we’re looking to get around a hundred files on the site, and we’re still working on the theme preview system. My guess is that this will put us up for a launch mid next week, but it might be the week after. I’ll update on this blog in a few days!


So far from the uploads it looks as though Site Templates is going to be our most popular file type, followed by WordPress, then Joomla. This isn’t a huge surprise, however to compensate for the lack of Drupal items, we’re going to fold that category back into Misc Themes and focus on the first three. In time as our library expands, I hope we’ll get to bring Drupal (as well as other theme types) back into their own categories.

Other News

Once we get this site started, I’m planning on bumping the postage here In The Woods. So far I’ve managed to co-opt my awesome little brother into making lots of resource posts on Joomla designing and WordPress, but I’m still looking for someone to write some install guides and short tutorials on using themes. So if you’ve got any experience, and feel like writing some new buyer-centric posts, email me at with the subject line “Writing for ThemeForest” and just let me know any appropriate credentials!

Happy Birthday – 50% Author Week

As you may have seen in our latest newsletter, it’s coming up on our birthday in just two days – yep back on August 21st 2006 FlashDen was born!

As they say, it’s always better to give than to receive, so we’re going to celebrate with a week of giving! All authors on FlashDen, AudioJungle and (the beta) ThemeForest will automatically earn 50% commisisons all week long regardless of their exclusivity or sales count. So if you’re going to make some big sales, that’s the week to do it in!

It’s our way of saying a big thank you to the authors that make these sites as brilliant as they are! We hope to keep improving and building on them long into the future! I wonder what we’ll be announcing in our twentieth birthday :-)

The Exact Dates & Times:

Start = 21 Aug 2008 00:00:00 AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
End = 27 Aug 2008 23:59:59 AEST
Rate for everyone, exclusive and non-exclusive during the period = 50%.

Happy Birthday!

A Preview of a Couple of Early ThemeForest Items

Today the ThemeForest Private Beta program began and I’m happy to say that so far, so good! We’ve had a few hundred beta users log in to the site, a hundred or so posts on the forum and our first four items uploaded!

Interested to see the types of templates and themes being uploaded? Here’s a sneak peek!


ThemeForest Beta Launch Imminent

Well I’ve just gotten word from the development team that the staging server is looking shipshape, so we should be up for all the beta invitees to get in to the site tomorrow morning (Australian time)! 

If you haven’t gotten your beta invite, we had three sites giving them away – CSS-Tricks, NETTUTS and FlashDen’s Down the Foxhole, of the three only Down the Foxhole has a few invites left, so hurry over and grab one now!

In the meantime I’ve still got some writing to do to make sure all the upload documentation is ready to go for tomorrow!