Need Some Outstanding Developers to Help With New Secret Category

In early May, ThemeForest will be launching a brand new category that will appeal more to developers than designers – at least from an authoring stand-point. To help seed this new category, we’re in need of around five outstanding developers to help us out. If you’re creative and have the chops, email sitemanager@themeforest to discuss the details and compensation.

* Note – to qualify for this initial seed content, you really need to know your stuff. When you contact us, please include either samples of your work, or your resume. Otherwise, your email will unfortunately be deleted. I’m looking forward to hearing from some of you!

FlashDen author sells more than a quarter of a million dollars

As of a few hours ago the Envato Marketplaces have their first quarter-million dollar author. DigitalScience broke through our top sales badge and we’ve quickly rushed out a new author badge – the Plutonium Paw for authors who have sold more than $250,000 worth of digital goods!

That authors can make as much as US$15,000 a month with the marketplaces is a very rewarding thing to see for everyone here at Envato. And while FlashDen authors are definitely leading the way, we’re seeing solid growth on all the marketplaces, particularly ThemeForest and VideoHive with authors on both earning in the four figures each month.

As always the team is working hard to make our marketplaces truly profitable places for the whole authoring community. We just recently passed 2000 authors with at least one sale and a total community size of over 150,000 people – a staggering number.

So here’s to many more records to smash in the coming years!

WordPress for Designers: Day 12

It’s time to move on to Day 12 of “Wordpress for Designers!” We are very close to jumping in to our Wordpress coding, but before we do we need to slice out those images. Today, we will have an in depth look at using the slice tool with our .psd to pull out any images needed to complete our theme. Wordpress theme here we come!


What’s In Store?

Hi everyone. I thought I’d briefly go over what’s in store for the blog. To stir things up a bit, I’ll be making a few changes to increase the number of quality tutorials that we’ll be offering each week. In addition, I’ll be rolling out a new video series!


Introducing Envato’s New Community Manager

So… you’ve got a problem on the sites or perhaps you just want some advice? You know it’s not quite a support issue, and you’re wondering who you can talk to about it. Well, Envato is very happy to announce that there is now someone whose job it is to help you figure out your troubles. His name is Adrien Gardiner (but you might know him as ADG3Studios). :-)

Adrien has been a moderator for some time now, and as such is one of the marketplaces’ most active, respected and knowledgeable members. Adrien will now also be taking on the role of community manager. He will lead the moderation team as our active forums keep growing, and will be there to answer any community related questions you may have. You can reach him via his site mail, or at adrien AT envato DOT com. You can feel free to write to him in English, French, Spanish or Russian.

An Important Clarification on the New Maximum Earnings Feature

We’ve been informed by support staff that there has been some confusion regarding the new “Maximum Earnings” feature for authors.


Envato Earnings Apps, File Piracy, and Keeping Your Account Safe and Secure!

There’s been a lot happening on the marketplaces of late, and today I wanted to touch on a few important issues and get some feedback, from you, the community.

Firstly, for those of you who don’t know me, My name is Cyan and I’m the Envato marketplace manager. That means I’m the person who’s in charge of the day to day running of the marketplaces as a whole with the help of the awesome site managers, reviewers and moderators.

Lately we’ve noticed some brilliant new author apps popping up, and some talk on the forums of files being distributed without author permissions. I want to talk a little about both of these issues. Additionally, I want to tell you about some things you should be doing to promote maximum account security.

New % Rates Now In Effect… and How To Become Exclusive!

The day has finally arrived! As of yesterday, all authors are eligible to earn 40% to 70% of any sale. To do so, authors simply need to sign on to the Envato Exclusivity Program.

What is “exclusivity”? It means that any items you are selling on an Envato Marketplace should only be sold here. You can still sell other items elsewhere, just not the same ones. That way the marketplaces stay unique and offer greater value to our buying community.

I’m Already Exclusive!

If you’ve been exclusive up till now, nothing will change, except in almost every case your rates will immediately jump up. That means not only more cash in your account every month, but also a higher future percentage to aim for. Click here to find out what your new percentage rate is.

I’m Not Exclusive but I Want To Be!

If you’re not already exclusive and wish to be, it’s super super simple! There are no minimum sales needed, so any author can agree to exclusivity immediately! Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to your Account page:


New Shopify Category and a $1000 Giveaway

I’m happy to announce that ThemeForest has come to an agreement with to distribute e-commerce templates. Beginning today, we’re offering a $100 bonus, as an incentive, to the authors of the first ten accepted Shopify themes.


2009, Big % Increase & GraphicRiver Beta Invites

Looking back on last year, Envato had a pretty big 2008 by any measure. We jumped from 4 sites to 13, a million monthly visitors to 5 million, and while our team began the year numbering 12, we ended it totalling 55 talented reviewers, editors, managers, developers, writers and support staff. With such a crazy year in the rearview mirror, it is with no small excitement that I can say that 2009 is going to make 2008 pale in comparison. And today I’m here to make a huge announcement for all the authors of our marketplaces, give beta invites for a major new site, and give sneak previews for some of our Envato plans!