Building Better Template Documentation

Since I’ve started reviewing templates, I’ve seen non-existent template documentation up to screen-cast tutorials covering much more than required. In the long run, a more thorough documentation will save you time.

Building on the Help File Template by Jeffrey, I’ve put together an HTML version to step it up a notch.


By Popular Demand: The Resale Licence

We have been getting a LOT of requests from buyers wanting a licence to use files in products for resale, so we’ve made one!

The licence is called the Single Use Conditional Resale Permitted Licence ["Conditional Resale"]. You can read about it here.

Right now every author is automatically opted-out, so you will need to opt in if you wish to sell your files under this licence (see instructions below).

The Conditional Resale licence allows a file to be used in an item for resale, and it’s priced at 50 times the cost of a standard single use licence.

So for instance, you could buy this licence if you wanted to:

  1. Put a GraphicRiver graphic on a t-shirt for sale in a store.
  2. Put a FlashDen preloader into a Flash theme for sale.
  3. Put a VideoHive video and an AudioJungle loop into software that would allow people to make their own custom video with music.
  4. Put a ThemeForest theme into software that would allow people to create intranets.

How Do I Opt-In?

If you wish to offer your file under this licence, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to your Account page.
  2. Go the the Edit tab.
  3. Click on Item Licences.
  4. Click the boxes next to the licence name to opt-in.
  5. Press Save!

If you have any questions support will be happy to answer them!

200,000 Members and Counting!

The Envato marketplaces have reached a new milestone – we’ve surpassed 200,000 members!

It feels like only yesterday that we were celebrating 100,000 members. In fact, it was less than 3 years ago that we celebrated our very first member!

Our 200,000th member, Adreher, has been credited with US$200 to spend on the marketplaces as a little thank you for joining us. Thank you to everyone who’s joined us to buy files, sell work, or just contribute to the community.

On August 21st Envato will be 3 years old, and we have a big celebration planned (hint: authors will be especially happy with this one)! So stay tuned, and here’s to the next 100,000 members!

Notes About Our New PHP/JS Category

First, Hello, I’m James and I’m currently the reviewer for the PHP and JavaScript component categories. I thought it’d be a good idea to post something about these categories and exactly what we expect and what kind of items we approve.


New “Soft Disable” Feature

Up until recently, when an item required a few small fixes, we would reject or disable the template and ask that the author make the requested changes. We admit that it was unfair to expect an author to start the submission process from scratch all because of one image or help file. As such, we’ve now implemented a new “soft reject” and “soft disable” feature for these instances.


Two New Categories!

I have exciting new to announce! Beginning today, we are now offering PHP and JavaScript components. These two categories feature helpful scripts that you can implement into your projects with ease. Need a drag and drop comments section for your static site? No problem! Need an event calendar for a client’s project? No problem! How about an advanced image gallery management tool full of awesomeness? No problem!


I Can Download Scripts for Free Around the Web. Why Pay?

That might be, but we’re only interested in selling HIGH quality scripts that are guaranteed to make your life easier. When reviewing submissions, I’ve instructed our reviewer to be as strict as possible. You won’t find dozens of half-featured light boxes here; only well-crafted components that have been tailor-made for ThemeForest.

When Can I Begin Uploading My Own Scripts?

Today. Just remember – HIGH quality. If your script can easily be found for free, we’ll reject it.

Why Only PHP? What About ASP.NET and Other Server-Side Languages?

We’ll takes these first few months to test out PHP only. If it proves to be profitable for all involved, and there’s a large demand for a different language, we’re more than happy to oblige!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Take a moment to browse our seed content, and then get started on your own! The sooner you get in, the less competition! Good luck.

One Week Left to Enter! Win $3500

Hey guys! Just a friendly reminder that you only have one week left to submit your collection via the comments portion of this posting. So hurry up. Time’s a’wastin!

How to Enter

To enter, you’ll need to be a member of our marketplaces, so if you aren’t already create a free account on any of them: FlashDen, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, ThemeForest or VideoHive.

Then here’s how to do create your public collection to enter:

1. Decide on the theme of your collection (e.g. Best Vector Illustrations, Killer WordPress Themes)
2. At the top of the page where your username is, click the Bookmarks link
3. Name your new collection in the Create a New Collection box

4. Add an awesome image to represent your collection
5. Add a description for your collection
6. Make it publicly viewable (this is important!), then click Create.

Then all you need to do is find up to 30 of the best files across the marketplaces that fit your theme and add them using the Bookmark This Item feature on the right of each file page!

To make sure we know about your collection, link to it in a comment at the bottom of this post by June 15 2009 to enter.

About the Web Services Licence

We’ve gotten some feedback that there’s been some confusion about the web services licence, so here’s the scoop:

  • The licence is only available for ThemeForest files and FlashDen site templates.
  • The licence is for buyers who wish to buy a site template for use on a web service such as a blog platform.

So for example if wanted to use a ThemeForest theme on their service so that anybody who created a account could have that theme applied to their blog, then they would buy the Web Services Licence. Similarly if a customer wanted to create a site that lets their customers create a hosted online portfolio and wanted a Flash template for customers to use, then they would need a Web Services Licence.

Because of the nature of the usage the price point is much higher (50 times the normal price).

As you probably know already, you are free to opt out of this licence at any time, and every file is listed as available under that licence unless otherwise specified by the author.

If you have any queries about this new licence, please direct them to support who will be happy to help.

Important Author News: Back-end Tagging Is Here!

The second stage of planned major search improvements is live. Right now this will only impact authors, but in the future this will help everyone search for files quickly and easily.

From now on when authors upload a file they will need to fill in a series of tags that pertain to their file. The tags have been divided up into categories to help authors pick useful tags.

During the reviewing process, reviewers may edit tags slightly so that wording remains consistent wherever possible (eg. entered tags of “puppy”, “doggy” and “hound” might be edited to consistently be “dogs”). This will make tagging more useful for search.

Please note that if your file tagging is incorrect or missing but otherwise the file is appropriate for sale, you file will still be approved. Reviewers will add or alter tags as they see fit during the review process, and you are free to update your file and refine your tags at a later date.

For now tags will only be visible on the upload and update pages. In the next stage tags will then be used in search and to navigate groups of files, which will be a massive improvement!

In order to add tags to existing files, authors will need to update their files, only filling in the Tagging fields. In order to assist reviewers in getting through any tagging updates quickly, please put “Tagging Update Only” in the reviewer notes wherever possible. This is not essential, but will definitely be helpful to the review team!

We expect a big jump in updates as authors will be adding tags to their existing files, so we ask for your patience if the queue gets temporarily longer. There will be at least a month before tagging will be used in search, so there is no need to update all existing files immediately.

If you have any troubles or questions about this new feature, please let support know, and stay tuned for stage three, where search will be supercharged with tagging!

Licensing options are here!

There’s just so much great content on the Envato Marketplaces these days, closing on 20,000 different items. All those items means there’s many, many different uses for them. So we’ve been working to create ways for buyers to purchase different types of licenses for use. Having multiple licensing options means buyers can get exactly what they need, and for authors it means greater potential earnings!

To begin with we’re adding a new multiple use license that means you pay less to get more usage out of an item. Here’s how it works:

1) Buy a Standard Single Use License.
This is the same license as the old default license, to be used when you wish to purchase a file to use on a single project.

2) Buy a 10 Project License for just 3 x the cost of a Single Use License.
A 10 project license means you can use the same file over and over – up to ten times – without having to buy it again and again.

For more information on what each of these license types entails, please visit this page. If you have any queries or concerns at all, please contact support who will be happy to assist you.

Stay tuned for more useful license types in the future.

Thanks and happy shopping!