jQuery for Absolute Beginners: Day 2

Continuing from yesterday, today we’ll take a look at the “fadeIn”, “slideDown”, and “show” methods. We’ll also examine jQuery’s “css” abilities.


“jQuery for Absolute Beginners” Video Series

So everywhere you look, you see “jQuery this” and “jQuery that”. For the last year or so, this library has been the darling of the Javascript world. But do you feel that you just can’t seem to learn the dang thing? Do you hate how the existing tutorials assume that you know WAY more than you actually do? If this rings true for you, I can help.

Starting today, I’m launching a daily video series that will teach you PRECISELY how to use the jQuery library in your own projects. We’ll start out by downloading the framework, creating our first function, examining syntax, and more. Every day, I’ll post a five-ten minute “training regimen” that expands on what you’ve already learned. So there’s no reason to fight it anymore! Learn this dang thing and start earning more money on ThemeForest.net with your new-found skills.


A Crash-Course in Regular Expressions

Hi everyone. I originally released this screencast back when this blog only had about two hundred subscribers. Lately, many of our new readers have been asking me about using regular expressions. So, I decided to bump this one back to the top. I hope you enjoy it!

To a novice web developer, regular expressions look like the most scary thing on the planet. Who could possibly dismantle such a block of code and decipher its meaning? Luckily, its bark is much worse than its bite. You’ll quickly find that regular expressions are rather straight-forward and easy to understand – once you learn the syntax.