5 Extensions to Convert Your Joomla! to a Blog!

Joomla! can be used to build any website. Starting from small business websites and personal blogs up to huge community portals, e-commerce solutions and shopping cart, Photo galleries and more! Everything is possible with slight modifications and a magical touch by extensions! Through the next few lines we explore 5 essential extensions that convert Joomla! into a powerful blog.


Joomla 101

For those of you who do not know, Joomla is a wonderful open source content management system (CMS). At its core, Joomla is a powerful way to rapidly develop professional quality websites of any kind. Through extensions, Joomla can become just about anything you want it to be. Best of all, it is completely free and available in numerous languages.


5 Must Have Extensions for Joomla! Administrators

If you’re a Joomla! user you have no doubt seen their huge library of Extensions that let you add various bits of functionality to your favorite CMS. Below you’ll find a list of 5 of the best extensions for Joomla! Administrators.

1) File Management : JoomlaXplorer

This is so far the best and most stable files management extension for Joomla!. You can use it to create new files or folders, move, delete, rename, change permissions, upload files like you’re using FTP program. Even better you can archive and unpack files. Save time instead of uploading many files just upload one zip and use this extension to unpack.