Everything you Need to Know About Adobe CS4

Hey everybody! If you missed Adobe’s online broadcast on September 23rd, you can now watch the hour long video on their website. One thing is for sure, it’s definitely appealing. We can complain about the increased price all we want, but we’ll all end up getting it sooner or later! People have accused this new release of being more of a “technical update”. But according to John Loiacono, this is far from the truth.


Create a Sliding Featured Section for Your Themes

As I strolled through the available themes yesterday, trying to acquaint myself with all of the product that we offer, I came across Justin Scheetz’s wonderful “Business Professional Package” theme.

If you view the live preview, you’ll notice a nicely implemented scrolling image featured section. The way that Justin accomplished this is by using a jQuery plugin called jFlow.


We’re Changing Our Name – Meet Envato

Some of the more observant of you may have noticed that starting yesterday some little “Envato Network” widgets began appearing in the top right of both this site and our other blogs and marketplaces. What is Envato? Well it’s our new name!

A lot has happened since this company formed two years ago and as a team we’ve grown a lot and certainly learned a lot. When we came to trademark our company name recently, it turned out that the name Eden was pretty difficult to win a trademark for. About a dozen companies blocked our application in Australia alone! Sheesh Kebab!

While I’m a bit sad to see Eden go, I’m happy to announce that as of today we are rebranding the business under a new name: Envato. (more…)