CodeCanyon, 3DOcean and Jason – 3 New Members of the Family!

There’s nothing better than a big family and today the Envato family just got a whole lot bigger. We’re welcoming in two new marketplaces and a brand new Marketplace Manager to take over from Cyan! Read on to learn more!


Marketplace API Round-up

What’s an “API”? A Pink Igloo? A Pig Itching? Not quite.

The Marketplace’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows the development of applications with access to a range of data from all the marketplaces such as the most popular and latest files. More sensitive data such as your account balance, recent sales, and monthly statements can also be accessed securely using your individual API key!

So what? I’m a designer – why should I be interested in geeky code interface stuff? Well, using the API you can develop apps/sites for your mobile, your desktop, or even your blog. Did I mention you can even design and style your applications however you want? Now that’s pretty cool, right?!

Since the Marketplace API was released about 6 months ago, several authors have jumped in feet first to develop some outstanding contributions for the community.

Let’s see what’s been going on…


University Student AND Web Ninja

We’ve previously seen the debate on whether or not you should attend university if you are interested in a web development career, especially when you can just as readily turn to a site like Nettuts+ and save yourself some time and money. Well…


Inside the Mind of ThemeForest’s Top Selling Author

Kriesi is ThemeForest’s top selling author; he, last month, broke the record of most sales in a single month, across all of the Envato marketplaces! It’s even more shocking when we consider the fact that he’s only 27 years old!

In this interview, we’ll dive into his work process, and hopefully steal some tips and inspiration!


ActiveDen and Activetuts: New Names, Same Awesome Content

For just over three fantastic years FlashDen has been the jewel in Envato’s crown. It is our longest running and most active community, and thanks to the amazing authors who showcase their work there, has become the largest marketplace for Adobe Flash files in the world with over 8,500 items for sale.

Last week Adobe asked us to change our name and URL so that it would no longer contain the term ‘Flash’, which is a registered trademark of Adobe. We know that the success of our sites is about the community and content, not the names. So here at Envato HQ we’ve been busy thinking up new names and we think we’ve found a great new home for both our marketplace and our Tuts+ blog on Flash.

As of today the two sites now live at ActiveDen and Activetuts+. (more…)

Working with the New “Envato Marketplace Items” WordPress Plugin

Just a few days ago, Envato’s very own WordPress ninja, Derek Herman, released a new “Envato Marketplace Items” plugin for WordPress. Now, with only a few minutes worth of work, you can display your recent files, popular files, and even files according to a specific category on your site. Not only that, but you can additionally attach your referral id to each item and earn 30% of your referred user’s first deposit!

In only a few steps, I’ll show you exactly how to implement this plugin into your own project.


Everything you Need to Know About Font Licensing for the Web

Unless you’re a copyright or digital media licensing pro, font licensing can be really confusing. Custom fonts are increasingly being used on the web via several methods. Each method may require specific licensing to cover your intended use and often times font licenses simply don’t specify restrictions associated with these new technologies.

In this article, we’ll take a look at font licensing for web usage via methods such as FLIR, sFIR, Cufón, @font-face, etc. and ways to protect yourself.


Amp Up Productivity With OS X Finder Droplets

Time is money and navigating your operating system is likely your most common activity. Optimizing it for your workflow means spending more time working and less time navigating folders, files and applications.

In this tutorial I’ll introduce you to OS X’s Finder toolbar and droplets as well as how to customize them to look great and amp up your workflow productivity.


Extremely Important Tax Rules for Freelance Designers in the United States

Do you have to pay taxes on earnings you make online?

I’ll make this short and sweet: YES! If you live in the United States, you owe taxes on any money you make, whether it be online, offline, or in some alternate universe that the IRS has an ability to track (and they will be able to track it, I promise).


What’s Coming Up in September!

It’s been a hectic 3 days for us here at Envato. We’ve had a massively successful Birthday Bundle (over 5,000 sales in 3 days), lots of giveaways, a fantastic Tuts+ tutorial set up for free download and our first video interview. Here in the office we’ve also been celebrating today with a big lunch and lots of network gaming! With the birthday all wrapped up now though I thought I’d give you a very quick preview of what’s coming up in September…