Marketplace API Round-up

What’s an “API”? A Pink Igloo? A Pig Itching? Not quite.

The Marketplace’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows the development of applications with access to a range of data from all the marketplaces such as the most popular and latest files. More sensitive data such as your account balance, recent sales, and monthly statements can also be accessed securely using your individual API key!

So what? I’m a designer – why should I be interested in geeky code interface stuff? Well, using the API you can develop apps/sites for your mobile, your desktop, or even your blog. Did I mention you can even design and style your applications however you want? Now that’s pretty cool, right?!

Since the Marketplace API was released about 6 months ago, several authors have jumped in feet first to develop some outstanding contributions for the community.

Let’s see what’s been going on…