Diving into PHP: Day 13

Hey everyone. Just a note that Day 13 of this series was posted on the nettuts+ blog. I’m hoping to attract more subscribers, so that we can ultimately put even more effort into bringing you great tutorials. Feel free to ask questions on either site. Watch it now!

Diving into PHP: Day 12

We’ll take a short break from working with MySQL in order to analyze how to work with the file system. Today, you’ll learn how to use the “file” function, as well as “fopen”, “fgets”, and “fputs”.


$300 Referral Contest!

Hi, everyone. It’s a new month. That means we have a new contest to promote! This one will be a bit more simplistic and traditional. All you have to do is create a quick blog post on your website!


Diving into PHP: Day 11

Continuing on from Day 10, we’ll review SQL insert statements that will allow us to add new rows to our MySql database with PHP. Additionally, we’ll take a look at using foreach statements to loop through an array.


Diving into PHP: Day 10

I promised you last week that we’d begin working with databases in Day 10. I’ll show you how easy it is to get up and running with MySql. We’ll also review the correct way to retrieve information from our new database.


$900 for Submitting Shopify Templates

Hi everyone. This is a quick reminder that we still have $900 to give away! The next nine authors who have their Shopify template accepted will receive $100 each. To add even more incentive, authors can win multiple times!


Diving into PHP: Day 9

Starting with day 9, I’m going to begin teaching you some practical uses of PHP. Today, I’ll show you how to detect whether or not a user has visited your site previously. This operation can then be used to add a “welcome” box to your site – that typically encourages the user to sign up, via the RSS feed. It’s easier than you’d think!


Diving into PHP: Day 8

Not many people are familiar with “heredocs”. Heredocs allow you to disregard escaping single quotes when typing out long strings. I’ll show you how and when to use them today!


Diving into PHP: Day 7

I’m going to show you how to use regular expressions with PHP. Over the course of about ten minutes, we’ll be reviewing the “preg_match()” and “preg_replace()” functions to validate a form.


Winners Announced! The Most Incredibly Outstanding Templates.

As most of you know, ThemeForest hosted a fierce competition in January. Our authors competed against one another to win $300 – as well as some helpful promotion on our sister-site, NETTUTS.

After much thought and deliberation, the winners have been selected! Trust me when I say that this wasn’t an easy task – by any means! The quality of the templates this month has far surpassed anything that ThemeForest has previously seen. So without further ado, here are the best ten site templates of January, in no particular order. A huge congratulations goes out to the winners.