“Outside the Box” Competition

Today, in our forum, we discussed the possibility of a new competition which features unique designs that still retain a commercial feel. It was felt, by some, that a large majority of our templates are a bit “one note.” Ultimately, it comes down to what sells best. Generally, templates that are too “artsy” don’t perform extremely well. Having said that, there is definitely a market for custom “outside the box” templates that will still appeal to a large audience.

Before I officially launch this competition, I’d like the community to have as large a role as possible in this one.

  1. How would you prefer that we judge these themes? The goal is to make as many sales as possible. If the designs are too strange, no one will purchase them. We must remember this.
  2. Assuming we offered $1500 in cash prizes, how would you like this to be divided. Top 3 … Top 10?
  3. Should we limit the category to site templates only? I don’t feel that PSDs should be accepted for this competition. An amazing Photoshop design that is monstrously difficult to convert to HTML/CSS is worthless.

If you’re interested in participating in this competition, please take a moment and let me know your thoughts! I want the community to have a large and deciding roll this time — should be fun!

Referral Competition: Winners Announced!

During the first week of May, I announced that, in addition to the 30% bonus that all referring members receive, we’d also reward the top 5 referrers of the month with a $200 bonus.

I was so glad to see so many of you participating. This contest was unique in that you can’t lose, to a certain extent. Except for a small handful of you, EVERYONE received referral commissions. So congratulations to you, and please continue making the sporadic tweet/blog posting in promotion of your templates and ThemeForest! Now…to announce the winners!


One Week Left to Enter! Win $3500

Hey guys! Just a friendly reminder that you only have one week left to submit your collection via the comments portion of this posting. So hurry up. Time’s a’wastin!

How to Enter

To enter, you’ll need to be a member of our marketplaces, so if you aren’t already create a free account on any of them: FlashDen, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, ThemeForest or VideoHive.

Then here’s how to do create your public collection to enter:

1. Decide on the theme of your collection (e.g. Best Vector Illustrations, Killer WordPress Themes)
2. At the top of the page where your username is, click the Bookmarks link
3. Name your new collection in the Create a New Collection box

4. Add an awesome image to represent your collection
5. Add a description for your collection
6. Make it publicly viewable (this is important!), then click Create.

Then all you need to do is find up to 30 of the best files across the marketplaces that fit your theme and add them using the Bookmark This Item feature on the right of each file page!

To make sure we know about your collection, link to it in a comment at the bottom of this post by June 15 2009 to enter.

Diving into PHP: Day 16

Continuing on with our OOP review, we’ll begin to build a real-world database abstraction class. We’ll review the __construct magic method, as well as the mysqli object.


Ask JW: How to Bring in Your Twitter Feed With Javascript

For this week’s question and answer, we’ll discuss how to use Javascript/jQuery to utilize the Twitter API to bring in a list of tweets.


Stay in Touch With ThemeForest

ThemeForest has several methods of staying up to date on the newest files and news, including the monthly newsletter, RSS feeds, and our Twitter account. Now we’ve got a new page with everything you need all in one place, including a few new features.

In addition to the existing ThemeForest feeds, there’s now an rss feed for every category! This way, you can stay on top of the file types you care about most. Check out all the new feeds here.

Stay up to date with the latest news, links, community happenings, and chatter on ThemeForest’s Twitter account. We’ll also showcase one great ThemeForest file every day. You can follow ThemeForest, or any one of the marketplace accounts found here.

Weekly Mailouts

There’s nothing more fun than seeing FD’s latest and greatest files. Now there’s a weekly mailout showcasing 7 of ThemeForest’s best, including one featured file. This is in addition to the monthly newsletter, so be sure to sign up separately here.

No matter how you like to get your updates, ThemeForest has an option for you. As always, happy browsing!

Diving into PHP: Day 15

Continuing with our OOP review, today, we’ll create a very simple “calculator” class that should give you a better idea of how abstracting your code to its own class can save you a great deal of time. We’ll also take a look at the helpful “__construct” method, as well as creating variables. Enjoy!


Show Your Love: Referral Competition!

We’re going to try something a bit different for this month’s contest! I want you to promote ThemeForest – most notably your template offerings – in any way that you can. At the end of the month, we’ll reward the top 5 referrers with $200 each, via Paypal!

How Do I Enter?

Each author has his own referral account. When a new user visits ThemeForest via your unique url, you’ll earn 30% of his or her first deposit! This is a year-round agreement that we have. BUT – to spice things up a bit more, we’re also going to give an extra $200 cash prize to the top five referrers between now and May 31.

To enter, you MUST email sitemanager@themeforest.net with your ThemeForest username. Once you do so, I’ll mark your current stats, and send you a confirmation email. Once that’s done, you’re free to be as creative as you like!

How Can I Promote My Templates?

There are dozens of way to promote your themes.

  1. Make a posting on your blog.
  2. Add a ThemeForest banner to the sidebar of your website.
  3. Don’t be obnoxious, but inform your followers of your themes on Twitter, Myspace, Friendster, and Facebook!
  4. Add a link to your profile as your email signature.
  5. Upload more templates!
  6. Write a tutorial for Nettuts+ or “In the Woods”. Then, use your author bio to link to your ThemeForest page!

Any I missed? If so, leave a comment for the rest of us. Remember – even if you don’t refer enough people to earn a space in the top five, you’ll still earn 30% of any new users’ deposits… year round!

30 Percent Incentive

Get Started! The Clock Starts…Now!

  • Step 1: Email sitemanager@themeforest.net with your username.
  • Step 2: Review our “Referrals” page to retrieve your unique URL and ThemeForest banners.
  • Step 2: Use your UNIQUE referral url to promote your themes.
    Referral Links
  • Step 3: Check back on June 1st to see if you’re a winner! We’ll choose the five authors/buyers who bring in the most visitors who deposit funds.

Good luck!

Ask JW: How do I Make AJAX Requests With jQuery?

This week’s email question comes from Mohammed. He’d like to learn more about how to create AJAX request with the jQuery library. We’ll be reviewing the $.get and $.ajax methods.


Regex for Dummies: Day 5

For day five of our series, we’ll examine how to use regular expressions and PHP to “scrape” content from other pages. We’ll be reviewing the preg_match_all function as well as ‘foreach’ statements.