New Featured Author of the Week: Octofine

  • Author’s Username: Octofine
  • Member Since: June, 2009
  • Location: Undisclosed

How Come?

When a template is priced at $30, it requires much more appeal to sell to a large number of people. That hasn’t been a problem for Octofine, selling over 140 times over the course of the last month!

Portfolio Sample

Octofirst Business Portfolio 4 in 1


  • easy to customize
  • theme options panel with color picker included
  • custom write panels
  • drop down menus
  • 4 sidebar-enabled areas for widgets
  • portfolio lightbox gallery. you can have as many portfolio pages as you want. TimThumb generates the thumbnails automatically
  • modular homepage design, full-width option available
  • modular homepage slider (which can be replaced easily with a static image), full-width option available, can take flv videos as well
  • clean & valid code, lightweight, optimized for speed
  • functional Ajax contact form
  • …and plenty more!

New Subcategory Featuring 404/Under Construction Templates

Never content to just sit on our fingers, we’re always in search of new revenue streams for both us…and our authors! As such, we’ve launched a subcategory in the “site template” section which features beautifully designed specialty pages. Whether you’re in need of a pre-built 404 page, or a count-down under construction page – while you update your site – we’ve got you covered! Let’s take a look at a few of our current offerings.


New Featured Author of the Week: ReidKnorr

  • Author’s Username: ReidKnorr
  • Member Since: September, 2008
  • Location: Minnesota, United States

How Come?

Few are aware of this, but ReidKnorr was actually the person who inspired the new Specialty pages sub-category. His “Under Construction” template, shown below, has become a huge success as a result!

Portfolio Samples

Vinta SS

“Vinta SS is a simple one page “Under Construction” template that allows you to keep your users informed while you are building a new website. This html template will allow you to quickly and easily create a landing page on a new domain or website project that tells the visitors what is going on and when the site will be completed.”

Element – Backend Admin

“Element Admin is a static html template that can be used as a starting design for your next web application or cms admin template. It includes the necessary elements to give your backend admin section a modern web 2.0 look.”

Ask JW: How do I Create the Image/Description Slide Effect?

It’s been a few weeks since the last entry in this series. Today’s Q and A comes courtesy of Alex Sandings.


New Featured Author of the Week: vfxdude

  • Author’s Username: vfxdude
  • Member Since: July, 2009
  • Location: Undisclosed

How Come?

When an item sells over 400 times in less than 45 days, you can rest assured that you’re an extremely talented designer! Vfxdude has absolutely proven himself to be one of our best, and we truly hope that he’ll continue creating templates for us in the coming months!

Portfolio Sample

Big Feature

“Clean and flexible WordPress theme, with big article images and nice typography, plenty of settings, many page templates, five custom widgets, and easy to add article and preview images. The documentation is also within the live preview.”

Free File of the Month: August 2009

Free File of the Month

I’m pleased to announce that this month’s free file comes courtesy of Epicera. Many of you know him as the author of the extremely popular Atlantica theme. Fortunately, he’s allowed us to offer the PSD of this wonderful theme for the entire month of August!

Author : Epicera

File : Atlantica PSD

The Atlantica PSD Package features 2 full PSD files featuring over 10 style variations and 4 primary page layouts (Home, Generic Content Page w/submenu, Blog Post, Portfolio).

The “Atlantica” theme is a bold, clean, and professional layout that is ideal for artists, designers, photographer, and other creatives that are in need of a portfolio template that is professional and “to the point”. Even if you don’t need the huge image gallery page, this template will also work great for sites that need to showcase a few images above each content-page in a slick, sophisticated way.

Download Here


You are granted ONE free usage of the item in a project either commercial or non-commercial. You may not use the file in multiple projects unless you purchase licenses in the usual way. You may not redistribute the item in any way. If you need a different license for this file, you may purchase it here (link).

More From Epicera

A huge thank you goes out to “Epicera” for generously offering this template to the community. Brandon has quickly proven himself to be one of my favorites authors on ThemeForest. Thanks again!

Don’t Forget the Other Marketplaces! More Free Files.

Free File of the Month: July 2009

Free File of the Month

Starting today, each marketplace in the Envato network will be offering one free template for the entire month. No catch — just free! This month’s offering comes courtesy of “YA Design”.

Author : YA

File : Nice and Clean

This site template is the complete package: five page theme, portfolio slider, AJAX contact form, etc. From now until July 31, it’s 100% free!


  • Featured Portfolio Slider on the homepage.
  • AJAX contact form with validation.
  • Valid Xhtml 1.0 Strict
  • Works in IE6+, Safari, Mozilla, Opera
  • Clean code

Download Here


You are granted ONE free usage of the item in a project either commercial or non-commercial. You may not use the file in multiple projects unless you purchase licenses in the usual way. You may not redistribute the item in any way. If you need a different license for this file, you may purchase it here (link).

More From YA Design

A huge thank you goes out to “YA Web Design” for generously offering this template to the community. Be sure to follow them on Twitter!

I wonder what the other marketplaces are giving away for free this month??

New “Soft Disable” Feature

Up until recently, when an item required a few small fixes, we would reject or disable the template and ask that the author make the requested changes. We admit that it was unfair to expect an author to start the submission process from scratch all because of one image or help file. As such, we’ve now implemented a new “soft reject” and “soft disable” feature for these instances.


Two New Categories!

I have exciting new to announce! Beginning today, we are now offering PHP and JavaScript components. These two categories feature helpful scripts that you can implement into your projects with ease. Need a drag and drop comments section for your static site? No problem! Need an event calendar for a client’s project? No problem! How about an advanced image gallery management tool full of awesomeness? No problem!


I Can Download Scripts for Free Around the Web. Why Pay?

That might be, but we’re only interested in selling HIGH quality scripts that are guaranteed to make your life easier. When reviewing submissions, I’ve instructed our reviewer to be as strict as possible. You won’t find dozens of half-featured light boxes here; only well-crafted components that have been tailor-made for ThemeForest.

When Can I Begin Uploading My Own Scripts?

Today. Just remember – HIGH quality. If your script can easily be found for free, we’ll reject it.

Why Only PHP? What About ASP.NET and Other Server-Side Languages?

We’ll takes these first few months to test out PHP only. If it proves to be profitable for all involved, and there’s a large demand for a different language, we’re more than happy to oblige!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Take a moment to browse our seed content, and then get started on your own! The sooner you get in, the less competition! Good luck.

Ask JW: How Do I Work On My Server in TextMate?

The greatest advantage that Coda has over TextMate is that you can work directly on your server. Obviously, by removing the middle-man, we can work much more quickly. This is a bit unfortunate, as TextMate is a much more powerful platform. Thanks to Twitter, I’ve just learned how to work around this. We’ll use a program, for Mac and PC, called ExpanDrive. For more information, check out this quick screencast.