Create a Sliding Featured Section for Your Themes

As I strolled through the available themes yesterday, trying to acquaint myself with all of the product that we offer, I came across Justin Scheetz’s wonderful “Business Professional Package” theme.

If you view the live preview, you’ll notice a nicely implemented scrolling image featured section. The way that Justin accomplished this is by using a jQuery plugin called jFlow.


A Crash-Course in Regular Expressions

Hi everyone. I originally released this screencast back when this blog only had about two hundred subscribers. Lately, many of our new readers have been asking me about using regular expressions. So, I decided to bump this one back to the top. I hope you enjoy it!

To a novice web developer, regular expressions look like the most scary thing on the planet. Who could possibly dismantle such a block of code and decipher its meaning? Luckily, its bark is much worse than its bite. You’ll quickly find that regular expressions are rather straight-forward and easy to understand – once you learn the syntax.