Interview With “The Man”: Jeffrey Way

In part two of this week’s Week in Review, Jeffrey Way (our rockstar Site Manager) has graciously agreed to answer a few interview questions. Here’s what he had to say.


ThemeForest Week in Review

I’m spicing up this week’s Week in Review and splitting it into two full posts of ThemeForesty goodness. The first part consists of some truly fantastic new items in the marketplace (and a couple from CodeCanyon), a quick forum refresher and finishing with some really great reading via web roundup.

But where’s this week’s interview?

Our rockstar sitemanager, Jeffrey Way, has graciously agreed to answer this week’s questions. You can read that in the post “Interview With ‘The Man’, AKA Jeffrey Way“.


New Featured Author of the Week: Imaginem


  • Author’s Username: imaginem
  • Member Since: March, 2009
  • Location: Undisclosed


IE 6 Compliance Now Optional for Authors

Perhaps one of the most often created threads within our forums concerns our Internet Explorer 6 compliance requirement. Today, as an early Christmas present to many, I’m pleased to announce that IE6 compliance will now be purely optional for authors – though still an encouraged one.


Free File of the Month: December, 2009

Free File of the Month

This month’s free file of the month comes courtesy of JimmyMe. Please join me in thanking him for providing us with this single page template!


New Featured Author of the Week: MetaLab

To our American readers: Happy Thanksgiving! But that doesn’t stop us from having a new featured author of the week. Today, we’re featuring a brand new author who has taken it upon himself to jumpstart our Tumblr offerings: metalab


New Featured Author of the Week: Gyro


  • Author’s Username: Gyro
  • Member Since: January, 2009
  • Location: Singapore


Our Newest Category on ThemeForest: Email Templates

I’m pleased to announce the launch of our newest category on ThemeForest: email templates! If you happen to be in need of an email client friendly newsletter for your business, we’ve got you covered. For $8 – $10 dollars, you can avoid the hassles of inline styles, email compatibility, and tables! Why rip your hair out when a ten dollar bill can solve the problem?


New Featured Author of the Week: Epicera

New Featured Author of the Week

  • Author’s Username: Epicera
  • Member Since: February, 2009
  • Location: Pasadena, CA

How Come?

My favorite thing about Epicera, or Brandon Jones, is that he really approaches ThemeForest as a business, and not as a simple tool to upload themes and make money. He brands himself, he develops extensive auto-responders to answer frequently asked questions, supplies each theme with a custom admin panel, etc. When we add up each of these little “extras,” it’s no wonder why he’s one of the top performing authors on ThemeForest consistently every month.


New Featured Author of the Week: Maximus

New Featured Author of the Week
  • Author’s Username: Maximus
  • Member Since: August, 2008
  • Location: Sibiu, Europe

How Come?

A buying frenzy occurs on ThemeForest with every new template from MAXIMUS! The reason is quite simple: his templates are perfectly designed and solve problems. With 2700+ sales, he is easily one of our most consistent and top shelf authors!