Add Social Bookmarks to your WordPress Theme

In this short tutorial, we’ll be adding buttons to our WordPress theme to allow visitors to easily submit the current article to social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter and Facebook.


WordPress Author Details

Many multi-author blogs have an ‘About This Author’ section attached to the bottom of each post – containing a link to the author’s site and a short Bio about them. In this post, we’ll be creating this, and also an ‘Authors Archive’ page just like the one at NETTUTS:


Image Resizing With WordPress

During a recent project of mine, I needed a way to retrieve the first image from each WordPress post in a certain category, and then scale it to a certain size. I could’ve used a Custom Field for this purpose, and have the author paste the link to the image in a box; however I felt this would only confuse my client. Here’s a look at how it was done. (more…)

Create an Options Page For Your WordPress Theme

Including a Theme Options page for your theme is one of the best ways to increase ease-of-use for managing a complex theme. However, a few quick Google searches later and most people give up. Such a great inclusion for theme design appears to have such little documentation, that it appears to be one of those heavily guarded secrets which only the crème de la crème of designers hold the key to.

In this article we will be incorporating an options panel for the ‘WordPress Classic’ theme. The methods you learn will allow you to very easily integrate it into an existing theme you’re working on.


WordPress Theme Previews

Setting up a demo WordPress installation in order to provide a Live Preview of your new theme is a mind-numbingly dull task. Thankfully, a few developers have realised this and released files to help speed up this process. These two files are a must-have for ThemeForest WordPress developers.


The Anatomy of GamePress – Part 2

Continuing from Part 1 at NETTUTS, we take a look at some of the features of the GamePress theme for sale on ThemeForest for $40.

GamePress is a “Gaming News & Reviews” theme for WordPress and currently one of the most popular themes at ThemeForest (at only $40). It is a very advanced theme and really pushes what the WordPress engine can do!

Purchase GamePress from ThemeForest for $40


The Flexibility of WordPress

WordPress is still regarded by many as just a blogging platform, even though it’s capable of much, much more! The flexibility offered by the WordPress engine is phenomenal – being able to publish anything from a basic blog to a forum, from a web showcase to a corporate CMS site! Here we take a look at some of the great ways WordPress has been used so far.

Content Management System

Using WordPress as a CMS has become pretty common recently since it makes a perfect platform for most small-to-medium corporate websites. It doesn’t quite offer the more advanced details of Joomla, ExpressionEngine or Drupal; but what it lacks in advanced features, it more-than makes up for in the usability arena!

The recently re-designed 10 Downing Street website – home of the British PM – is running WordPress and make a bloody good job of it!

iThemes have an excellent sub-site dedicated to providing tutorials on the best ways to use WordPress as a CMS; check it out! (more…)

5 Quick Ways To Enhance Your WordPress Theme

For beginners to WordPress design, it can feel like a daunting task trying to compete with other, more-experienced, designers. To help, here’s 5 quick ways which I’ve found invaluable in creating a more complete theme.

1. Separate Trackbacks & Comments

Nothing ruins a great conversation in a comment thread more than a load of trackbacks appearing all over the place. They look ugly and completely out of place. But thankfully, there’s an easy solution.

With just a few extra lines of basic code you can move all those Trackbacks (and Pingbacks) straight to the bottom of the list where you can display them in a much nicer layout. I honestly don’t know why this isn’t built straight into the WordPress code!

Read: “Separate Trackbacks from Comments”

2. Multiple Widget-Ready Sidebars

Including one sidebar in your theme is easy, but what if you need two or even three? Well, that’s just as easy! But trying to find how to do this quickly becomes a pain – all the solutions seem to be outdated and aimed at much older versions of WordPress.

However, Stefan Vervoort of DivitoDesign wrote up a great article on creating multiple sidebar areas.

Read: “Multiple Sidebars With WordPress Widgets”

3. Using Custom Fields

The ‘Custom Fields’ section of the Write page is probably the most confusing section of WordPress: “What the hell do I use that for?”

After a Google search, you will see the WordPress Codex gives only a few examples for this, which are mainly adding a ‘Current Mood’ to the end of your post which is completely pointless. In fact, it’s not completely clear on how to actually use it.

Actually, Custom Fields are probably one of my favourite features of WordPress. If done correctly, it allows you to enhance your blog in a way to rival much more complex CMS systems.
Most people use them to display an accompanying image with your post outside of the normal loop (such as in ‘Magazine’ themes). And I’ve used a lot of them in my latest theme – GamePress – to create a featured reviews page.

So take your themes to the next level with a great article by designer Justin Tadlock:

Read: “WordPress Custom Fields”

4. Breadcrumb Navigation

Including a breadcrumb navigation bar on your site is a great way to improve navigation on more complex WordPress-powered sites. They allow you to easily see where the current page is located within the rest of the site structure; and it’s a shame more themes don’t include this.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t include native support for a breadcrumbs, so you have to get your hands dirty a little. There are a few ways to do it, but my preferred way is the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin. Simply drop a piece of code where you want the bar to display and you’re done!

You could also go that extra step further and integrate the plugin into your theme directly. Simply copy the plugin’s code and paste it at the bottom of your theme’s functions.php file — Instant breadcrumbs! (You are allowed to integrate the plugin to your theme just as long as you give credit to the author.)

Get: Breadcrumb NavXT Plugin

5. Featured Posts

There are many WordPress powered sites which don’t have a traditional “blog” feel. They feel more like fully-blown News sites and handle a lot of content on a daily basis. For site’s like these, it’s a necessity that the most important news is displayed first.

For example, a news site like the BBC may publish a very important article such as “Aliens Abduct The Queen” and then five minutes later a few more less-important articles are published (such as “Man Grows Biggest Potatoe”).

It’s clear that those more important articles need to stay on the front page for much longer, with less-important ones appearing below. This is usually referred to as creating ‘Featured Posts’ and I’ve wrote a tutorial on creating this at NETTUTS.

Read: “Build a Featured Posts Section for WordPress”

Getting Started with WordPress

This is part of a series of articles covering the basics of installing and using WordPress aimed at new-comers to WordPress and to CMS usage also.

This article serves as a guide for ThemeForest users who are new to WordPress.

If you need help installing WordPress, please check out our previous two articles:
Installing WordPress Automatically with Fantastico.
Installing WordPress Manually.


Installing WordPress with Fantastico

This is part of a series of articles covering the basics of installing and using WordPress aimed at new-comers to WordPress and to CMS usage also.

Many web-hosts offer a ‘one-click install’ script for quick and easy installation for a number of popular web scripts – including WordPress. Most hosts who offer this will use ‘Fantastico’ which is what I’ll be using for this tutorial. Some hosts may use another similar program for doing this, but the basic steps involved will be the same. (more…)