Next Week it’s Envato’s Birthday! Here’s a Preview of What’s Coming Up …

It was back in 2006 that Envato first launched with our very first site FlashDen. That means next week we’ll be turning 3 years old! Since web years are much like dog years, by my count that makes us pretty darn old. Given how we’ve grown, we’ve decided that this year it’s time we really kicked our celebrations up a notch. Next week for 3 days we’re going to have a massive sequence of birthday events, read on to find out what’s happening …


Win $3500 to Spend on the ULTIMATE Creative Setup!

Today Envato is very excited to bring you our BIGGEST competition yet! This is an awesome chance to win $3500 in cold, hard cash to spend on the ultimate creative set-up. You’ll also win up to 30 of your favourite Envato Marketplace files and a year of Tuts+ membership. And best of all it’s dead easy to enter, read on to find out how.


FlashDen author sells more than a quarter of a million dollars

As of a few hours ago the Envato Marketplaces have their first quarter-million dollar author. DigitalScience broke through our top sales badge and we’ve quickly rushed out a new author badge – the Plutonium Paw for authors who have sold more than $250,000 worth of digital goods!

That authors can make as much as US$15,000 a month with the marketplaces is a very rewarding thing to see for everyone here at Envato. And while FlashDen authors are definitely leading the way, we’re seeing solid growth on all the marketplaces, particularly ThemeForest and VideoHive with authors on both earning in the four figures each month.

As always the team is working hard to make our marketplaces truly profitable places for the whole authoring community. We just recently passed 2000 authors with at least one sale and a total community size of over 150,000 people – a staggering number.

So here’s to many more records to smash in the coming years!

GraphicRiver – A Graphic Art Department At Your Fingertips

Today I’m very excited to announce that we’re taking the lid off our newest Envato Marketplace: GraphicRiver, a marketplace for premium design components like Layered Photoshop Graphics, Vector Illustrations, Icons, and Adobe Add-ons like Brushes, Patterns and Textures at very affordable prices. You could almost say it’s like having a graphic art department at your fingertips!


2009, Big % Increase & GraphicRiver Beta Invites

Looking back on last year, Envato had a pretty big 2008 by any measure. We jumped from 4 sites to 13, a million monthly visitors to 5 million, and while our team began the year numbering 12, we ended it totalling 55 talented reviewers, editors, managers, developers, writers and support staff. With such a crazy year in the rearview mirror, it is with no small excitement that I can say that 2009 is going to make 2008 pale in comparison. And today I’m here to make a huge announcement for all the authors of our marketplaces, give beta invites for a major new site, and give sneak previews for some of our Envato plans!


Rockstar WordPress Designer On Sale Today!

In the last few years WordPress has been growing as an essential tool in the web designer toolkit. Between regular blog themes and the increasing number of themes that turn WordPress into anything from a portfolio site to a shop, its use as a general purpose CMS has made it a staple of web design tutorials and galleries.

So I’m very happy to announce that after many months of work, our latest Rockable Press book is on sale – How to Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer, co-authored by myself and Harley Alexander – whom you of course know from tutorials on NETTUTS!


9 Tips for Selling More on ThemeForest

I’ve been writing a couple of articles over at FreelanceSwitch about the benefits of selling stock and thought I’d mention the second one in particular, here as a good reference for ThemeForest authors:

9 Tips for Creating and Maximizing a Steady Income Stream by Selling Stock

Like anything, selling stock is something that you get better at over time. In my job working on ThemeForest, FlashDen and AudioJungle I get to see a lot of the things people do to maximize their income, some of them are quite ingenious. Since it benefits us if we have clever authors on our sites and it benefits Freelancers interested in selling stock, I’ve put together my top tips for selling well on stock sites…

Read the rest of the article at FreelanceSwitch

ThemeForest’s First Month

A few minutes ago the clock ticked over into October – at least it did in Australia where all our statistics are measured. And so ends our first month of ThemeForest and what a month it’s been! I can’t believe how far the site has come in such a short space of time. But don’t take my word for it, here are some numbers to crunch:

  • 125,000 – Number of visitors to the site
  • 800,000 – Number of pageviews generated
  • 200+ – Number of items for sale
  • (more…)

ThemeForest Milestones – 100 Files, First $1000 File

It’s only been a week since our launch, but it’s never too early to celebrate some milestones around here! So I’m happy to say, we’ve not only passed our 100th file, but we’ve also got our first file’s sales past $1000. And that’s pretty cool!

100 Files and Counting

Our 100th file came in a few minutes ago, courtesy of new user kitgrafik, it’s called SimIndustry and is a clean looking business template. So far we’ve had files being approved at about 5 a day, and we can expect that number to only grow! (more…)

Launch Special – A Neat Admin Skin … for $1

If you’re into bargains, then you’ll be happy to hear that for the next week we’ve got a ThemeForest launch special running where you can grab a neat little app theme designed by myself and coded up by ValenDesigns which would usually sell for $15, for just one dollar.

That’s right … a buck!

The theme is called Quik and is actually a little admin skin we use for internal Envato apps to make them look nice and neat. It’s customizable, comes with three colours and is easily extended to fit other needs.

Grab Quik for $1 Here

This item will only be available at the discount price until September 12th