New Envato Community Blog – Envato Notes

Today we’ve launched a new Envato Community blog called Envato Notes. The new site is going to be the epicenter of our community not just for the Envato Marketplaces but for our entire network of sites. On the site you’ll find heaps of different stuff including:

  • News about all Envato Sites
  • Interviews of authors and people from the community
  • Case studies about Envato Authors
  • Competitions
  • Announcements about New Features and Categories
  • News from the Envato Dev teams
  • How-To articles for our sites
  • Staff Interviews from the Envato team
  • Polls, Discussions, Contests, Features, Photos, Plugs, Freebies, Reports, Tips, Giveaways, Guest Posts, … you name it, we’re going to have it!

So be sure to head over and check it out now at!

CodeCanyon, 3DOcean and Jason – 3 New Members of the Family!

There’s nothing better than a big family and today the Envato family just got a whole lot bigger. We’re welcoming in two new marketplaces and a brand new Marketplace Manager to take over from Cyan! Read on to learn more!


Holiday Giveaways, Freebies and More!

It’s hard to believe it’s almost a new decade, and with 2010 just around the corner it’s time to get celebrating the holiday season. There’s plenty happening around the Envato network of sites, read on to find out about it all!


Buy Now, Better Deposit Expiry and Fees for Bank Transfer Payments

The last 9 months we’ve been working hard on the financial parts of our system. During this time we’ve been building a better, more bulletproof accounting system into the app. It’s the kind of super important work that for the most part nobody notices, but ensures everything is working as it should. Along the way we’ve also been working on some other aspects which WILL be noticeable, and I’d like to tell you about three of them:

ActiveDen and Activetuts: New Names, Same Awesome Content

For just over three fantastic years FlashDen has been the jewel in Envato’s crown. It is our longest running and most active community, and thanks to the amazing authors who showcase their work there, has become the largest marketplace for Adobe Flash files in the world with over 8,500 items for sale.

Last week Adobe asked us to change our name and URL so that it would no longer contain the term ‘Flash’, which is a registered trademark of Adobe. We know that the success of our sites is about the community and content, not the names. So here at Envato HQ we’ve been busy thinking up new names and we think we’ve found a great new home for both our marketplace and our Tuts+ blog on Flash.

As of today the two sites now live at ActiveDen and Activetuts+. (more…)

Our Biggest Launch of the Year!

In the last three years our Envato Marketplaces (FlashDen, ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, AudioJungle and VideoHive) have grown like gangbusters, with big communities, huge libraries of files and lots of activity. So when we set out to redesign them earlier this year everyone on the team knew it was going to be big. What we didn’t realise was HOW big it would eventually get! Today it gives me great pleasure to show you …


What’s Coming Up in September!

It’s been a hectic 3 days for us here at Envato. We’ve had a massively successful Birthday Bundle (over 5,000 sales in 3 days), lots of giveaways, a fantastic Tuts+ tutorial set up for free download and our first video interview. Here in the office we’ve also been celebrating today with a big lunch and lots of network gaming! With the birthday all wrapped up now though I thought I’d give you a very quick preview of what’s coming up in September…


Birthday Bundle Success!

When we set out a couple of months ago planning a way to say thank you to all our buyers here on the Envato marketplaces, there was one really stand out idea. It was put forward by our very savvy AudioJungle site manager ScottWills who suggested a fantastic bundle deal. It was a cool idea, but I don’t think anyone here at Envato HQ every expected it to be such a runaway success!

The most immediate consequence is we will definitely be running Birthday Bundles every year in August from now on. So if you enjoyed this bundle there will be more to come next year!


Interview with Founders of Envato Collis and Cyan

One of the best things about working here at Envato is that we have an awesome team of people building, managing, writing, reviewing and working on our sites. Yep, things have come a long way since the early days when there was just a few of us trying to do everything!

Recently our awesome Tuts+ interviewer Emil asked if I minded being video interviewed with some questions put forward by the Psdtuts+ readers. Since no-one really wants to see my enormous head on screen for too long a period of time, I asked my lovely wife and partner in crime Cyan if she’d be in on the interview and we thought we’d put up the video to help celebrate 3 years of Envato.


Happy Birthday! Grab Your Birthday Bundle NOW + 70% for ALL Authors!

It’s here! The beginning of the 3 day Envato 3rd Birthday celebrations! As of right now you can grab our Birthday Bundle jam packed with $300 worth of some of the best selling files on the marketplaces for a ridiculously low $20. This is an AMAZING deal which will only be online for 3 days during the birthday celebrations, so don’t delay, grab it NOW!

Packed into the bundle are no less than 37 items from across all five marketplaces, including items like Maximus’ top selling WordPress theme “Convergence”, VectorFlower’s “ZOOM / PAN CONTROLS” and Parker & Kent’s “AS2 XML Elegant Portfolio”. These are some extremely popular files at full price, but for three days only you’ll get them along with 34 others for less than the price of Convergence on its own.

More Details of the Birthday Bundle Here